30 July 2009


Physically, FOTOCAT is an Excel spreadsheet of UFO and IFO cases in which a photographic image has been obtained on film, video or digital media. It contains 26 data columns to register the date, time, location, province and country, explanation (if one exists), photographer's name, special photographic features, references, etc. When completed, the full catalogue will be posted on the internet, for free access to the worldwide UFO community.

This is how begins the valuable report developed by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, the great investigator and scholar from Valencia, Spain, that has been published by the prestigious Fundación Anomalía.

We are pleased to share with our readers this material that for its deep analysis and significance within the serious and mature Ufology, is in itself unavoidable.

We thank our good friend and UAPSG member Vicente-Juan for having sent to us this material.

The complete report is in:

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