07 July 2009


“UFO Headquarters – Investigations on Current Extraterrestrial Activity” by Susan Wright, New York, September 1998 (first edition), 271 pages, is a book ideal for someone that for the first time wants to know something about UFOs.

I think the second part of the title that talks about “extraterrestrial activity” tries to make the book more attractive. But the author does not speculate with aliens, and certainly is not in the line of the “ET proponents”.

The author dedicates great part of her book to deal with the issue of Area 51. But Roswell, abductions, and some other topics are also dealt with.

It is above all, an objective book and for that reason I do recommend its reading.

The author provides information and her approach is really balanced and realistic.

Susan Wright is not a Ufologist, but a writer who has published over 25 books since 1991 including many about the TV serial “Star Trek”, another book entitled “Destination Mars”, as well as science-fiction novels, self-help books and nonfiction books on art and popular culture.

Milton W. Hourcade

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