17 December 2008


A country has its historians and people that contribute to the history, searching documents, making interviews, etc.

This have been the work done by a young Uruguayan, Andres Lopez Reilly, who is a professional journalist, and that put together the fruit of all that effort in a book.

There are many stories that surely are going to surprise more than one reader, as that Charlie Chaplin went under surgery in Montevideo.

And among other issues, the book includes a chapter about C.I.O.V.I., that in 2008 celebrated its 50 years pioneering the UFO investigation in Uruguay and that this same year decided to put an end to its activities.

We also have been informed that the book brings a chapter referred to the myths around the “La Aurora” ranch.

We consider that this is a book for the general public, written with a journalistic style, where surely Uruguay will recover its memory about things that never should be forgotten.

Let’s the new generations make the most of it, as they need to go deep in their roots!

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