31 December 2008


We are just a few days ahead of the swearing-in ceremeny after which President-Elect Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United  States of America.

This is a  crucial moment that many Americans are taking to advance valid proposals to the new Head of the Administration, in order to see them implemented, if it is possible.

This we think is also the chance to forward a reasonable proposal to the new President, related with the UAPs.

On December 21st. 2008, we have sent the draft of that proposal to some organizations and individuals related to the UAPs subject in the USA.

Since then, 2 individuals excused themselves to sign the proposal for justified reasons. Another individual, an investigator, said he is ready to sign it.
But people belonging to CUFOS, MUFON, NARCAP and NUFORC have given no answer so far.

We consider that time is running out to make our voices heard.

What follows is the draft version of  the  proposal.

We make it available to you, because it is important that it will be known
The Honorable Barack Obama
President Elect of the United States

Dear President Elect:

Since June 24, 1947, this nation has known quite different and alternative approaches to a subject that due to that situation has become controversial along the time: the unidentified flying objects.

Putting aside the enormous amount of speculation that have been going around this issue, the truth is that the American people never had a definite, transparent, responsible and serious answer to this problem.

Moreover, the answers given in different moments have been misleading and there is a sense that the government has been deliberately hiding vital information and that this information has been even hidden from the Presidents.

This situation –provided is true-- could not be acceptable.  

We consider that you as future President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief should be totally and plainly debriefed about this subject by the military and the many agencies that have been involved with it.

We would like to call your attention to these facts:

Thousands of Americans have reported UFOs.

There are scientists, academics and high-ranking military officers ready to testify under oath about their personal experiences.

President Jimmy Carter reported in 1969 to have seen a UFO.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, during the presidential debate at Drexel University in Philadelphia said he saw a UFO

Mr. John Podesta, the Chief of your Transition Team has appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel in regard to UFO disclosure, and has been seriously involved with this issue.

Therefore we, the undersigned, UFO researchers that belong to various organizations respectfully ask that you consider to take the following steps during your Administration, in order to change once and for all this preposterous situation:

1) Request from the future Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and co-chair of your Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Professor John Holdren, the formation of a group with the specific goal of revealing to the public within 3 years, all that is officially known about the UFO subject.

2) Make that same group responsible of an educational plan along those three years, in order to prepare the public for the announcement that then will be done.

3) In the meantime, assign to NASA or to a civil organization to be created, the task to receive and investigate UFO reports, analyze the whole situation and report to the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology the conclusions.

With the hope that this is the time and yours will be the Administration ready to make a real change on this issue and to take those bold decisions, we remain

Respectfully yours,

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