04 December 2008


Journalist Miles O'Brien

What an executive of a network like CNN can do sometimes is just inhuman, ridiculous and preposterous.

The name of the executive –the president of CNN— is Jon Klein.

He have decided just recently, to eliminate the science, space, environment and technology division of the network!!

Like if environment and the development of technology were not prioritary issues of these times in the world. And like if they were not demanding special attention apart from the general news.

And, worst of all, that shutting down of the division implies that the CNN 16 years veteran journalist Miles O’ Brien and his six producers, all of them will be soon unemployed.

It is not the result of the economic crisis the U.S. is going through what determines this decision. Surely not.

It is not also that Mr. Klein –as someone has argued— does not like in front of the cameras people over 40 years old. If it were so, what is doing there with lots of hours every day, the 60 years old Wolf Blitzer??

Of course. There are other explanations for that.

The whole world knows, anyway, that neither Wolf Blitzer nor CNN are reliable sources of news.

Shame on you, Mr. Klein!

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