04 June 2023





It was 2008 in Montevideo, Uruguay. That year –and after 50 years of investigation activity— the U.F.O. Investigation Center (C.I.O.V.I.) closed its doors.


There was a certain void left behind.



When I traveled to Montevideo and gave a lecture at the Planetarium, it came to me the idea to made a proposal: the creation of an international group that besides the occasional opportunity to investigate a UFO report, would dedicate to study the UFO subject in general: story of the subject, main characteristics attributed to the same, the things learned from the investigation, the general reaction of witnesses, specific case studies, and the books that deserve to be read on the issue.


I launched the idea, and along the time, people of 12 nations joined the UAPSG (Unusual Aerial Phenomena Study Group)


Due to the fact that it is an international Group, we created a webpage written in English and Spanish.


Reasons to be


There are mainly two reasons to maintain and keep going with the UAPSG.


1) extend it to countries not represented so far, because an international organization has to show that it is really is so.


2) in each country, the core of the Group should be constituted by professionals like Astronomers, Astrophysicists, Meteorologists, experts in Aeronautics, Doctors in Medicine, Psychologists, etc. and it could have affiliates.


3) the Group do not collect money.




4) one of the most important activities the Group could do on each country is to develop a forum regularly, where to deal with a specific issue within the UAP subject , dedicated to the general public. Giving serious and reliable information about UAP and the investigation (official and/or private), avoid confusion with regular things (natural and/or artificial), all that is very important. Answer the questions the public could have is a real service to the people.


5) eventually, the Group could engage in the investigation of a UAP report provided it seems to have very special characteristics, but that activity will be an exception, and in such a case, the scientific method and the Aero-Space Identification process should be applied.


6) any member of the Group or the Group can send material to be published in the web page. To that purpose, send that material to 


The object of this article is to expand the UAPSG to other countries that still do not participate on it.


Thank you for reading and for your help to form a Group in your country.


Milton W. Hourcade

Iowa City, June 6, 2023.



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