04 December 2022



If you ask any of them, you immediately verify that they consider the other group in the antipodes of their own.

But no one of them probably would concede that they have a lot of things in common.

And nevertheless, there are many things they have in common.

1) Exclusivity: their group is the best, and is the one who knows the truth that the other group does not accept.

2) Coincidences: they realize and are pleased with the coincidences they find in their group and emphasize them as a way to feel secure in their thoughts.

3) Use of media: they use the media as much as they can to persuade others of their position. Both groups have their "gurus" that write books.

4) Faith in their position: the assurance in each position is defended "au trance", attacking that of the other group beyond any reasonable discrepancy, sometimes falling in deplorable "ad hominem" expressions or mocking the other stance.

5) Inexistent margin of error: no one group is ready to accept even a possible margin of error in its position.

6) Distrust: recalcitrant skeptics tend to reject the witness testimonies while recalcitrant believers tend to reject the way recalcitrant skeptics proceed when they deal with a case.

7) Extreme positions: tWe he recalcitrant believers accept any story at face value adding to several other stories as "proof" of the reality of a phenomenon. The recalcitrant skeptics reject forcefully any story thinking all of them are erroneous interpretations of many different stimuli.

The result of all these behaviors has been creating for decades an emptiness related to the substance of the matter into consideration, and that is the reason why until today, there is no real knowledge and certainty about the UAP.

My position: I reject extremes. No one of them is finally useful and no one of them has the total reason from their side.

If I add the nearly 65 years investigating a considerable number of UAP reports in Uruguay and a couple of them in Argentina, plus the good sense and wisdom that give the age, I tend to think that we are dealing with a parallel reality that sometimes and in certain particular places of Earth manifest with special recurrence.

I am referring to a reality as earthly as ourselves that obliges us to be modest and to be ready to deal with what –lacking a better way to say it— we can (provisionally if you want) call paranormal.

Putting aside all the big amount of ridiculous tales and famous stories of misinterpretations of some things that encompass the extremely abundant material that nurtures the UAP archives everywhere, we should concentrate on the few places on the Earth where these phenomena are real and repeat themselves with notorious frequency. We should dedicate time, resources, and instruments to a scientific study of them, and possibly we will be able to have an honest, serious, and respectable answer. A real discovery!

That is my hope.

Milton W. Hourcade

Iowa City, December 4, 2022.








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