09 February 2022



It's a pity to see CUFOS Mark Rodeghier, associated with the Galileo Project, and people like Kevin Knuth of UAPx, who tries to make business selling the old idea of UFO Detectors, at $ 2,000 each one!
Worst that a publication like SPACE.com gives space to Leonard David, that is publishing nonsense to help make noise about UAP, when --fortunately-- the official investigation in the US is not stupid as to talk or be worry about imaginary aliens.
I deeply regret to find the names of Erling Strand, Philippe Ailleris and Massimo Teodorani associated with this kind of position. But, I am not surprised!
We will not sell ourselves to the wave of fanaticism and excitement trying to exploit the new official investigation in the US. We will wait until October 2022 to see what the first official report will say.

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