28 July 2021

SpaceX False Alarm Encounter with “Unknown Object” – April 2021 – The NASA Documents

John Greenewald is an extraordinary follower of stories and information related to UAP, particularly the ones dealing with official sources.

He uses de Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain that information and safeguard it in his webpage that he properly labels “The Black Vault”.

In this web page we have mentioned “The Black Vault” many times in relation with the incidents reported by US Navy pilots.

This time “The Black Vault” brings us a relevant material referred to the alarm due to an encounter with an “unknown object” in the Space by the crew of the Dragon spacecraft Endeavour.

We invite you to read all the documentation in https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/spacex-false-alarm-encounter-with-unknown-object-april-2021-the-nasa-documents/


What is left as a lesson from this incident?

1) The knowledge that the relationship between official institutions –even operating in the same environment –in this case Space—is not as fluid, precise and updated as it should be.

2) That instruments detected the presence of an “unidentified” and the imminence of a collision in the Space.

3) That it was only a cyber creation by the Space Force serving their own operations that was not communicated on time to NASA and Space-X.

Translate this situation to another environment, and it is possible also, that there are going experiments with certain artifacts about which only know those directly involved with them, taking by surprise personnel of other official organizations, included the Armed Forces.

This is the real scenario in which certain things happen.

Sometimes we run the risk of not understanding it, of not considering it, of thinking that it couldn’t be or happen; and then is when we fall into a big mistake.

Milton W. Hourcade - July 28,2021

Iowa City- U.S.A. 


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