03 December 2012

UAP: The sensationalistic media, the fantasy prone people and the scientific method.

Nowadays, the Unusual Aerial Phenomena have almost disappeared from the skies; not a landing is mentioned, less a CE3. We the investigators and experts are almost obliged to deal with videos and photos  

We have no longer real UAPs, but cyber-UAPs!

This comprises the vast majority of UAP reports currently done. 

The subject in itself is agonizing, and what is left is a small amount of fantasy prone people, ready to accept and devour web pages of doubtful origin and worst purposes, that exploit credulity. The so-called “contactees”, ready to repeat like a record the same story of their “experience” making money through that activity, and those who have mounted a real business based in the permanent production of bulletins, books, CDs, DVDs about the UAP and supposedly “related” subjects as old civilizations, crop-circles, orbs, rods, ghosts, men-in-black, and somber announcements of the end of the World.

Confronting all these manifestations of ignorance, of the will to believe almost in anything, and the sensationalistic media that sees in the UAP subject a way to make profits, increase the rating, call the attention or sell more newspapers, are the serious investigators; the people that without any other financial resources that their own, and without any other engagement that the one that comes from searching for the truth, feel themselves compelled to investigate, analyze, study and come to a conclusion about a UAP report or series of reports.

That is the core of the UAP subject. That is the correct activity to be done. That is the difficult, sometimes tedious, never rewarded, but honest, sincere, common sense approach to the problem in general and to specific cases.

The best activity dealing with UAPs comes from this search for the truth, from this effort to find a reasonable and plausible explanation to something that apparently was strange or abnormal.

No doubt about it! The UAP subject is something that has to be dealt scientifically, and when science, common sense, the Occam’s razor principle and honesty are applied, an extremely limited amount of things remain unexplained. 

And even so, the lack of a valid explanation at a given moment does not imply that the case couldn’t and shouldn’t be reviewed in the future and that later, an explanation possibly could be found.

May these words be the proper introduction to an excellent analytical job done by our colleague and friend Mr. Leopoldo Zambrano Enríquez, (from Monterrey, México) and a UAPSG Member, about a notorious case of a “strange object falling into the Popocatéptl volcano”, on October 25, 2012.

See: http://meditacionesdeunfumador.blogspot.com/

Note: the study is in Spanish.

Milton W. Hourcade

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