21 December 2011

UAPSG-Uruguay reports: Case solved

Opportunely (October 23, 2011), we gave details of a couple of pictures taken by an Agronomer in the Department of Cerro Largo, Uruguay.

The Uruguayan branch of the UAPSG took responsibility to study and analyze the case. Germán Vázquez was very active getting in contact with the photographer, obtaining the pictures, and discussing the circumstances in which the photographs were taken.

After consulting the photography expert Leopoldo Zambrano Enriquez, UAPSG member in Monterrey, Mexico, and the digital analysis processed in Virginia, U.S.A. by Milton W. Hourcade, the Uruguayan branch, meeting on Saturday, December 10, concluded that what is shown in the referred pictures are birds.

The possibility of being birds is deducted although not totally sustained for two images of things which are at great distance, due to the practical impossibility to identify them because of pixielation.

But an object nearer to the camera, seen in the second photography taken, was definitely identified as a bird flying from left to right of the photographer. Moreover, what at first sight could be taken as the cupola of a strange aerial artifact is an effect created by the movement of the wings.

These conclusions were properly communicated by Vázquez to the photographer who accepted them and commended the work done by the Group.

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