22 December 2011

At the end of the year

Another year comes to an end. The time that separates us from the Arnold incident has become bigger and bigger and so far, we have our hands empty of just one case that could be a paradigm of the whole UAP problem.

For scientists, we have not been able so far, to produce what can be considered evidence with absolutely any doubt about it.

It makes sense, therefore, to change the kind of work we have been doing so far, to face the UAP directly and personally in hot spots where they happen, to register and track it with a bunch of instruments, and to submit all the data gathered in that way to a sober and accurate scientific evaluation.

Our UAPSG is an international Group, and we have considered that there is a need for more communication among our members.

Last but not least, we approach once again the traditional Holydays of the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.

We wish you all to have peaceful and safe celebrations, and the best for 2012!

UAPSG Coordinators

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