22 March 2011


The official announcement that Iranian industries have developed a “flying saucer” named “Zohal” (which means Saturn in Persian) has caused several reactions in the West, mostly for political reasons.

From those who made comment that the “flying saucer” looks like one of those models used in class “B” pictures of the Fifties, to some that took a picture of a craft developed by some Iranian students and try to convince us that that is the real artifact. What we don’t know for certain is if the picture used by the news agency belongs to the real aircraft.

Nevertheless, it is fair to underline that the unmanned aircraft officially announced by the Iranian news agency FARS, is capable to fly outdoors and indoors. And this latest fact lead us to think that the size of the aircraft would be in the range of inches, or a couple of feet. That said, here is the information given to the world by the FARS news agency.

See: http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=8912250816

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