06 March 2011

Academic Conference in Buenos Aires

Through the diligent invitation and action of the UAPSG member Prof. Rubén Morales, and the help of Engineer Alberto Zurlo and Mr. Mario Lupo of the Group Rio54 OVNI, Licentiate Milton W. Hourcade gave an academic conference at the University of the Savior, (a Jesuit institution) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The presentation, under the title of “Critical Investigation of curious aerial phenomena”, took place on February 18, 2011, and was well received by a public that in a considerable number attended the event, in spite of the heavy rain that was falling over the city.

After the conference there was a moment of a good exchange of viewpoints, and the possibility to get to know personally with many people.

All in all it was a wonderful experience, and it deserved very good comments of people who were able to evaluate the quality of the presentation.

We extend from here our thanks to Prof. Morales and the gentle people of Group Rio54.

(Photo: Walter Morales Defelippe)

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