16 March 2011


In a quick action internationally well coordinated, some members of UAPSG in Uruguay were able to solve three original UFO reports within a brief period of time.

The first report dealt with someone that took a picture of birds in the seaside resort of Lagomar, on November 7, 2010. When this person saw the picture using his PC, he discovered that something apparently strange –and that he has not seen when he took the picture— was there. What possibly caught his attention was the peculiar shape of that “object”.

He submitted the picture to the analysis of CIOVI, the pioneer institution for the investigation of UFO reports in Uruguay, that closed its activities on April 29 2008, after 50 years of extraordinary work.

That was how his picture came to the consideration of the Uruguayan members of UAPSG, some of whom belonged to CIOVI.

The analysis was done in the USA, with a special contribution of our expert in photography in Mexico, and a final approach with the photographer in Uruguay.

It was determined with a 100% certainty that the apparently strange object, was a bird, probably of the same kind of those clearly seen in the picture.

The second UFO report came from the Department of Rivera, where in the night of December 24, someone took a picture of something. UAPSG members could not get in direct contact with the photographer, there were no precise time, no details of the camera used, etc. and therefore, the case was concluded as “insufficient data”, but with a high probability that what is seen in the picture is just an orb, or the product of the reflection of a light on the glass of the window.

Finally, what appeared to be an spectacular UFO near the coast of the River Plate, seen, videotaped and photographed on the night of February 11, was solved in just 24 hours.

Fortunately the objects –more than one— were seen by one of the UAPSG members himself, and through contacts in Facebook, the case came to a solution. It was an illuminated balloon launched by people that were celebrating a wedding.

All in all, expertise and experience came together to help solve these cases.

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