21 October 2010

"La Nave de los Locos" comes back in book format

The serious and dedicated Chilean journalist Diego Zuñiga, a UAPSG member, is writing to let us know some news that from this pages we salute wishing a total success. Diego prepared for us this report that we reproduce here and we take the opportunity to invite him to continue writing for our blog

Four years should have gone for La Nave de los Locos to return to sail along the then turbulent but now boring oceans ofUfology. The magazine, this photocopied bulletin that some of you had the
fortune or misery of reading between 2000 and 2006, disappeared for boredom, for lack of time, because maybe it seemed that there was nothing more to reach. But La Nave comes back. The deliriums continues and it's time to open windows and wait for more air, and wait to show another faces of reality.

And it is no more a collection of papers, but it is a book with 173 pages, covers of brilliant paper, interior pages of beautiful opaque tone. With a renewed design, our magazine-book opens a new stage in its existence with a dossier on the actual situation of Ufology. Has this thing a future? Or maybe the Martians are bored of coming to our planet just to hammer his silvered flying saucers? There are articles written by the British investigator John Rimmer, his colleague Jenny Randles, the
Spanish specialist Manuel Borraz, and the Nave’s editors, Zúñiga y Sánchez.

Though this issue is basically about UFOs, there is material on another topics. Alejandro Borgo, representative in Argentina of CSI (http://www.csicop.org), tells us about an atheist meeting in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Also we can read an article of Crystian Sanchez about prophecies. Marcos González talks us on tarot. In addition, two interviews: one of them to Spanish anthropologist Ignacio Cabria and the other one to Chilean ufologist Willy Wolf, co writer of “Los sin nombre”. Also the Chilean sociologist Rigoberto Muñoz gives us his text about the poor level of Chilean ufologists.

Another text talks about UFOs during the past Chilean earthquake on February 27th about a Mexican who said he was in Venus and even wrote a book about his “experience”. Other article deals with cattle mutilations and economic crisis in Argentina. Other one speaks about Mr. Luis
Altamirano, a well-respected Chilean ufologist who tries to recover of a disease, and finally, a deep view of French specialist Claude Maugé about UFOs and a reductionist theory.

La Nave de los Locos (“Cuadernos de Ufologia” 2002 Prize) has been an open book for all kind of opinions and now there will be no difference. It is, of course, a skeptical publication, but we don’t make proselytism, but we show the other face, which is our view of reality. In this way, we are open
to collaborations, letters and hate too. You can know more about all of this visiting our official website, http://www.lanavedeloslocos.cl; also review our periodical updates in our blog http://navelocos.blogspot.com; and if you like, you could also buy our magazine here: http://www.lulu.com/product/tapa-blanda/la-nave-de-los-locos-n%c2%b0-37/12107110

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