02 October 2010


Hourcade, Sampson, Buenrostro------------------------------------------------Hourcade & Eng.Luis Ruiz Noguez

Milton W. Hourcade visited Mexico City from September 20 to 25.

During that short stay, he was interviewed for www.xradiotv.com.mx by the journalist Héctor Sampson, and later for a Cable TV station, by journalist César Buenrostro.

Both interviews were broadcast during the following week.

Also, he had a very important meeting with Engineer Luis Ruiz Noguez, an outstanding Unusual Aerial Phenomena investigator and scholar, who asked Hourcade to write the preface for a coming book. Engineer Ruiz Noguez is a Member of UAPSG.

During the meeting there came up many coincidences in the mature way the U.A.P. subject is approached by both investigators.

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