13 December 2009


We are talking about Professor Lachezar Georgiev Filipov (Ph.D.), who is the Deputy Director of International Collaboration of the Space Research Institute that belongs to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. (See: http://www.space.bas.bg/astro/eng.html). He is the Head of Astrophysics and Synergetics of the Institute.

Unless the Bulgarian journalists are totally unethical –an extreme which we do not think of -- it is in any way attributable to them the fact that Prof. Filipov had made these statements that have been reproduced by the press of his own country within quotation marks:

"Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time"

"They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them."

"The human race was certainly going to have direct contact with the aliens in the next 10 to 15 years"

"Extraterrestrials are critical of the people's amoral behavior referring to the humans' interference in nature's processes."

These affirmations are not the product of his activities in Astrophysics or in Syneregetics. They are the result of his personal interest (according with what he himself said) and his work with Architect Mariana Vezneva, an esoteric medium.

Who is Architect Vezneva?

This is the description given in her own webpage:

“Architect Marianna Vezneva, is a phenomenon, a scientist- explorer, a famous writer of esoteric literature, a holder of the phenomenon’s award- the statuette “Golden phenomenon”. She is a corresponding member of the International Informatization Academy at UNO.”
(See: http://www.vezneva-pictograms.com/en/mariana.php)

And what is the International Informatization Academy?

“The International Informatization Academy (IIA), founded in 1990, is an independent self-governing social scientific institution. It is an associated member of the United Nations Organization (UNO).”
(See: http://www.cnshb.ru/mai/body_1e.htm)

In other words, the I.I.A. is an Non-Governmental Organization, a NGO, based in Moscow (Orlikov bystreet, 3, CSAL, Secretariate of the IIA Library Science Dept., Moscow, 107139, Russia.)

What the group of people that met with Prof. Filipov and Architect Vezneva did?

They have posed 30 questions, and the answers were received from the “aliens” through telepathy!

Being more specific to the point, Ms. Vezneva herself explains the origin of the answers that she relates to an interpretation of the “pictograms”, or “crop-circles”.

“Some of the thousands pictograms made by now reveal, that the Creators of the pictograms are here, on Earth; that the source of the pictograms is Shambala – the mysterious land about which the great adept Helena Blavatsky (19 century), the painter and socially active person Nicholas Roerich (20 century), as well as our contemporary Ernst Mouldashev announce.”
(See: http://www.vezneva-pictograms.com/en/msgs.php)

It is really regrettably that someone with the credentials of Prof. Filipov could fell so easily in this kind of mistake.

But we are not surprised. Not everything that a scientist does is science, and when some scientists dare to deal with the U.A.P. issue, they forget totally their academic status and react emotionally like anyone in the marketplace.

M. Hourcade

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