23 May 2009


As it couldn’t be otherwise, human stupidity is ready to appear in YouTube each time there is an opportunity to continue sustaining the extraterrestrial myth, or better, to have fun exploiting the credulity of some people.

Therefore, someone took a piece of video from NASA, presumably belonging to the recent STS-125 missiont to the Hubble Space Telescope and under the title of “NASA STS-125 Atlantis - Unidentified Object Seen - Recorded Live May 21, 2009” put it in YouTube.

What it is seen after the minute 10 seconds of the video, is just a satellite going on in its orbit until it disappears behind a Sun reflection.

The orbital craft starts being seen at the lower right angle of the screen and it goes up slowly with a certain angle. If you put a rule on the screen you can verify that his trajectory is perfectly straight.

And that’s all.

For you to verify this, we reproduce here the video.

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