13 April 2009

XPOSE UFO TRUTH: A new Web page

The main purpose of this Web page is to provide a place for investigators to exchange their material and mainly to “separate genuine sightings from hoaxed or faked events”.
From here we salute the creation of this new Web page and we wish its responsible people very good luck.

You can link to this web page cliking on:


silverthane said...

The number of people that are WILLING to admit that they have seen a UFO would stagger the human consciousness (this does not include those unwilling to admit a sighting). Of the rest that have not seen a UFO, a great many of them personally know one who has, or themselves have seen a UFO and are unwilling to classify it as such.
I hope this site does justice to those people willing to come forth on this site and share their encounters. Understand that the term "UFO" does not assume alien spacecraft--but anything airborne that cannot be identified. Oftentimes, many UFO's are nothing more than common (or uncommon) explainable phenomena.
In any case, I hope this site serves another purpose: to offer a sanctuary and refuge for those anxious to share their stories with a group of empathic, understanding, and competent investigators.
So continue to "look up"!
Joe McKenzie

Anonymous said...

May be good for some but for most there is really no point. Too many rogue hoaxers out there if you ask me. I'm already trying to stop one of them by bringing that person down sending some advisory letters to people connected to him. However I've yet to see if it works or not...

Anonymous said...

This won't work because there is no longer a fine line between what's genuine and what is not anymore with regards to sightings. Hoaxers cannot be brought to justice anymore it seems. I'm trying to bring one down by sending letters about him out to various groups and people, but it's having no effect. I'm now facing investigation myself although at the minute I'm not sure how serious it may be. Onwards and upwards...