15 April 2024


 Shortly after it appeared the First AARO Report of 2024 made public by the Department of Defense, several "ufologists" felt the need to criticize it.

Among the criticisms we were able to read is one by Kevin Randle, Lt. Colonel (Retired) of the United States Air Force Reserve Service, who for years dedicated himself to writing books about Roswell.

Of all the U.S. UFO casuistry, Roswell has undoubtedly been the most commercially exploited subject of all. And this is what has made it "famous" and not anything else.

In my book "UFO Phenomenon: The Secret Agenda" I dedicate Chapter XII to which I titled "Roswell: a prime example of the task of disinformation" I have not substantially changed my opinion on the matter. And there I refer to a book written by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt entitled "The Truth about the UFO CRASH at ROSWELL". There I point out the serious errors contained in that work, the enormous contradictions in which it falls, which transform it into a nonsense in the form of a book.

In Randle's critique of the AARO report, you will see that it is more than anything else the reference to documents on which the AARO based itself and that it focuses a lot on Roswell, the subject that has paid off for Randle.

So much so that this article he has written serves as a pretext to recommend reading his books. In any case, it is an example of what a man who was fully involved in the Roswell issue can criticize the AARO for. Enough said.

Go to:  https://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/2024/03/the-latest-from-arro-more-of-same.html


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