18 October 2023


To all those who have been following all the instances of the official reaction to the US Navy pilot's report of UAPs, the pace of the information received through time has become very slow, and practically inexistent.

Let´s try to quickly review what happened so far about the official UAP investigation.

Everything started after April 27, 2017, when the newspapers The New York Times and The Washington Post published articles dealing with videos apparently showing UAPs. The videos were taken in 2004 and 2015.

On August 4, 2020, the U.S. Navy created the UAP Task Force (UAPTF).

On June 25, 2021, the UAPTF brought a report to the Senate of the United States.

The UAPTF will exist until November 23, 2021, when it is substituted by the AOIMSG at the initiative of the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks in close collaboration with the Director of National Intelligence.

The acronym  AOIMSG stands for Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group. This organization within the Department of Defense will stay until July 15, 2022, when it is announced the creation of the A.A.R.O., All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

On April 19, 2023, there takes place an important hearing of the Armed Services Senate subcommittee, chaired by U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, where Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, Director of AARO gives a detailed report about how the Office is organized, what has been so far its work and what it knows about UAP, which included various graphics.

At the end of the hearing, Dr. Kirkpatrick said that in June or July, the AARO will present a report of its work.

On June 9, 2022, NASA convened a group of scientists, chaired by Dr. David Spergel, to essentially consider what contribution NASA could make as such, to help elucidate the mystery posed by the existence of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

On July 20, 2023, Dr. Kirkpatrick is interviewed by David Muir, on ABCNews Live Prime. During a talk of 8 minutes 40 seconds, Dr.
Kirkpatrick said among other things that "I am a long term Intelligence Officer, scientist and military Officer."

Answering the question "What keeps you up at night"  Dr. Kirkpatrick replied: "Technical surprise and that could be adversary technical surprise or extraterrestrial technical surprise."

The most common misconception people have about UAPs is that "they are all the same thing and they are all extraterrestrial and neither of that is true."

It was during this interview that Dr. Kirkpatrick admitted that there is a 2 to 5% of UAP that so far has been not identified.

On July 26, 2023, there was a surprising hearing of the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Accountability with the presence of two UAP witnesses, the former U.S. Navy Pilots, the retired Commander David Fravor, and Ryan Graves, as well as the "whistleblower" and former Intelligence Officer of the U.S. Air Force, David Grusch.

The pilots told about their experiences with UAP, and Grusch repeated his outlandish testimony that various people told him about "non-human" entities and "non-human" technology recovered from UFO crashes, although not even a picture of something like that was presented. The lack of evidence was total.

And until today, nothing else happened related to those fantastic declarations. The world didn't care about the possible existence of extraterrestrials among us, nor about recovered material of their presumed ships.

And here in the United States that particular subject didn't attract such an attention that even today —three months later— there were a matter of discussion or interest.

But, after the hearing of July 26 above mentioned, on July 27, 2023, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, wrote a personal note where without mentioning Officer Grusch by name, he complained about the treatment of the UAP subject by the legislators that ignored the intricacies of the issue, and specifically about Mr. Grusch.

On that note Dr. Kirkpatrick says: "I cannot let yesterday's hearing pass without sharing how insulting it was to the officers of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community who chose to join AARO," adding that many of his staff have worked "often in the face of harassment and animosity, to satisfy their Congressionally-mandated mission."

Moreover, Dr.Kirkpatrick added: "Allegations by its witnesses of retaliation, to include physical assault and hints of murder, are extraordinarily serious, which is why law enforcement is a critical member of the AARO team, specifically to address and take swift action should anyone come forward with such claims. Yet, contrary to assertions made in the hearing, the central source of those allegations has refused to speak with AARO."

That "central source" mentioned in the note, was Mr.Grusch.

At the end of the note, Dr. Kirkpatrick wrote: "Finally, to be clear, AARO has yet to find any credible evidence to support the allegations of any reverse engineering program for non-human technology. Also, to be clear, none of the whistleblowers from yesterday's hearing ever worked for AARO or was ever a representative of AARO, contrary to statements made in testimony and in the media." Once again, a clear reference to Mr. Grusch.

On September 14, 2023, the special panel of scientists convened by NASA to deal with the UAP, made publicly known its work for almost 3 months. 

The document of 36 pages divided into 7 parts, presented conclusions, recommendations, and a discussion as a product of the work done.

We introduced that report on this web page as well as our evaluation.

As a consequence of the panel work, NASA appointed Mr. Mark McInerney as Director of UAP research. McInerney previously served as NASA's liaison to the Department of Defense covering limited UAP activities for the agency. In the director role, he will centralize communications, resources, and data analytical capabilities to establish a robust database for the evaluation of future UAP.

A document created by AARO in July 2013, was made public at the end of September 2023, under the title "The US Defense Department and the UAP Mission" signed by Seán Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. Director, AARO.

It consists of 12 pages dealing with the organization of AARO, its analysis capabilities, the study of UAP reports, and how some of them have been explained and some others not. It gives information about the main characteristics of the UAP, shapes, colors, speeds, areas of frequent detection, etc

We arrived in October 2023, and the AARO promised report for June or July was not presented.

Currently, we are waiting for an AARO report to be released at the end of the year, on December 2023, according to the announcement done by Dr. Kirkpatrick.

The expectation and the frustration

Until December 2023 –unless something spectacular happens related to UAPs—there is and will be silence. No one officially will bring any updates, any information, or any breakthrough.

Therefore, there exists a process of deception, lack of trust, and anxiety on the part of the general public, who wants to know something more specific and concrete about the UAP.

On the other hand, the media in general do not help to give science the needed time to work exhaustively on the subject to be able to say something specific and concrete about it.

And then, those individuals that exert a conspirative way of thinking, exploit in their favor the situation, accusing "the government" of deliberately hiding or distorting the truth about UAP. They are propelling fantastic stories about extraterrestrials of various civilizations visiting regularly the Earth, and losing their ships where they came from, which have been subject to reverse engineering, and after being flown by military pilots.

These are the kind of individuals that are introduced by the media as UAP "experts" or "investigators". They are invited to news bulletins, and special programs, and specifically created radio and TV programs to deal with UAP.

The damage they create among the public is enormous, the distortion of reality, confusion, lack of respect for the true investigators, etc. becomes something difficult to cope with.

To make it clear: the silence of official sources about the UAP opens the door to any kind of speculation.

We consider that this is not favorable for the study and investigation of the UAP subject, and –although undesirable— it creates increasing pressure on scientists and Intelligence people dedicated to identifying these phenomena.

That is why we suggest that the official reports, should be accompanied by the presence of Dr.Kirkpatrick and Mr.McInerney in the media, regularly, to answer questions of the journalists and make precisions of terms, definitions, and clarify the work they are doing at AARO and NASA.

That would turn efficiently the consideration of the UAP subject by the media to the appropriate approach that it deserves and would be of extraordinary help to the public.

An educated public won't be useful for the sellers of fantasy and mystery. This task must be done!







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