15 March 2023


An unusual event.

I don't think anyone in their right mind would expect it. It has meant a great disappointment to me and from now on I ask that a new director of AARO be appointed.

It turns out that in a recent article, purely speculative, without anything concrete, AVI LOEB appears --always looking for close-ups-- together with SEAN M. KIRKPATRICK, Executive Director of AARO (All Areas Anomaly Resolution Office), where ominously the mention of "aliens" appears, totally outside the official context of the reports of the very same AARO, and the scope in which the current investigation of UAPs has been officially developed in the US.

It's time to put house in order, and if Dr. Kirkpatrick is so tempted to publicly speculate and hang out with Loeb, he can do as he pleases, but not as the one in charge of the official investigation by the Secretary of Defense.

As an American citizen I consider Dr. Kirkpatrick should resign to his position. 

Milton W. Hourcade

UAPSG International Coordinator


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