26 December 2019


Our indefatigable colleague and dear friend Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos is not detained or delayed by the traditional holidays to prepare and send his FOTOCAT material to us.

Therefore is with pleasure that we offer here the respective link and the recommendation to carefully read this material and made up your own mind.


The text contains the review of some old cases, plus the position of Ballester Olmos about the EC-III and information about some books.

Personally I think it is very interesting the one of Xavier Passot --former Director of GEIPAN.

On the other hand, I allow myself to disagree with what the German author Uli Thieme argues in his book Roswell, Ein UFO Mythos (Roswell, a UFO Myth) that falls into the same error that what generated the case was a Mogul Project balloon. In my book "UFOs: The Secret Agenda" (OVNIs: La Agenda Secreta) I dedicated a chapter to deal thoroughly with the Roswell issue, - with intense and extensive prior reading of multiple documents and writings on the subject - and there I technically defenestrated the explanation attributed to Project Mogul.

On another note, I want to emphasize my recommendation to read the blog "The UFO TRAIL" which contains relevant information really important to our work. 

Milton W. Hourcade

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