14 June 2019

THE PENTAGON'S UFOS - an article by Robert Sheaffer

At the end of 2017, an article appeared in The New York Times surprised more than one reader. The title was more proper of a tabloid than of a newspaper considered “serious”. It read: “Glowing Auras and Black Money—The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program,” but of course, it was not written by the regular journalists of the NYT but for people engaged with what for them is the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs.

This prompted a chain reaction in many media outlets, --other newspapers and TV channels— not to mention the rejoicing expressions of those groups and people that share the vision of UFOs as a derivative of the ET existence and action around our planet.

Nevertheless, we warned in this our webpage that one of the pictures initially shown by those responsible for the article was originated by a group of graduate students in Germany, dedicated to elaborated fake videos.(information produced by the Mexican researcher Eng. Luis Ruiz Noguez).

And I personally wrote recently on Facebook that “When there was an official statement from the Pentagon (headquarters of the US Department of Defense) or the Navy (USNAVY) stating the existence of UFOs, and clarifying what they understand by using that acronym, I will be the first to share it.
Meanwhile, I don’t care what writers, journalists and "ufologists" who want to build up an environment to recreate what happened in the 1950s and 1960s do. They are not official or reliable sources.”

The following article, written recently by the prestigious scholar Robert Sheaffer ratifies this criterion and tear down all the frenzy and circus mounted around just an entertainment company. 

Milton W. Hourcade

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