18 December 2018


We like to share with you that it began to be a reality: the book that gathers all the answers to the questions posed to 22 UFO researchers is a reality right now as an e-book. It is in Amazon. 

Soon there will be also a paperback edition.
We deeply thank all those who participated.  This is really a joyful circumstance. For the first time, this survey makes justice with many of those who for decades have consecrated their time and talent to research the UFO phenomenon.

The way 22 UFO investigators and scholars from Europe and the Americas have answered to 8 key questions posed to them, constitutes the backbone of this book that in many ways is seminal, because it shows the tenacity and dedication through decades of these investigators dealing with this subject, but also their example of an intellectually honest approach and a sincere work.

And this is precisely the big difference and the wide gap that separates them of the charlatans, the creators of faked cases and false ideas around the whole UFO idea.

That is what makes this book absolutely relevant.

Meet the real people, the people that matter. Get to know how they think and how they approach the UFO phenomenon, and how they work with it. 

Get inspired to do your part, and maybe become an investigator you too.

This is the book. 

We tried to put the lowest prices possible taking into consideration that this is a book of 316 pages including many illustrations.

One more suggestion for all those who participated in the survey: make the book known in your own countries. That your fellow citizens get to know your work.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a very Happy and productive NEW YEAR!

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