11 September 2015


The great friend, investigator and student of the Unusual Aerial Phenomena since the beginning of the Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Center (C.I.O.V.I.) in Uruguay, Germán Sergio Vázquez Quartiani, a member of the UAPSG-GEFAI,  sent his comments about “1947:A compilation of articles of the New York Times” published in this blog on August 30, 2015.

For technical reasons it was not possible to publish his comments just days later of the article about what they were referred. With the pertinent excuses to Mr. Vázquez and the readers, we present here what he wrote.

As usual, it is open to the consideration of our colleagues, their comments and ideas.

Interesting collection of news referred to the first era of “flying saucers” (as they were then called) observations…although I cannot realize the reasons the author had to do it in these moments because they don’t bring anything new, except a kind of “nostalgic view” about the subject…

Anyway I find it adequate to emphasize that there are a pair of emblematic cases referred in this article that until today continue without having an ultimate answer or resolution: the Arnold case and what happened at Roswell.

In reference to the first one, the witness himself said that he thought to having seen some experimental aircraft of very terrestrial origin. Nevertheless even the authorities denied having crafts with those characteristics. I understand that at that time –even if they had them— it was reasonable that they would deny so, but now after so long time, it is not justified any more.

About what happened at Roswell, many explanations have been given, each one more incredible than the other, but none of them definitively.

Is it possible that one day it would be known what happened in both incidents? Could it be that someone knows but thinks it is inconvenient to make it public?

Germán Vázquez

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