31 May 2015


On May  5th, 2015, Mr. Jaime Maussán, a well known TV personality, that calls himself a “ufologist” but that really exploits the UFO subject commercially and as a matter of show and entertainment, called the Mexican people to attend a special presentation at the Mexico’s National Auditorium.

The main reason for that call was the exclusive and unique introduction to the public of a mummy that supposedly belongs to an extraterrestrial being thought to have fallen to the Earth near the US Army Air Base at Roswell, New Mexico en 1947.

Along the years, Mr. Maussan has committed may goofs, but this one exceeds all that could be imagined.

Confronting his pretension that he has a real case and that what he has shown to the public was true, two well respected and experienced Mexican ufologists, Engineer Luis Ruiz Noguez, in his web page “Marcianitos Verdes” (Little Green Martians) and Leopoldo Zambrano Enríquez, in his blog “Meditaciones de un Fumador” (Smoker’s Meditations)  --a title related to the “smoking man” of the “X Files” series-- wrote each one an article.

Those articles are in Spanish, and they deserve well to be read.  Here are their URLs

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