15 September 2014


We think this is the most important event ever happened considering the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

It is organized by NASA, it is open to the public, and will be broadcasted through web-cam on the Internet.

Therefore, we recommend to turn on your computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets or intelligent cellular phones, and click on this URL: https//cohen/ac.arc.nasa.gov/loc

This symposium  marks a clear difference with the meeting convened on last July by the French GEIPAN, which until today has been kept in secret. No public was allowed, no webcam or videos were broadcasted, and we came to know that the people who participated in that meeting called CAIPAN has been asked to keep silence until GEIPAN officially reports about the papers presented in that meeting.

We are ending September and still waiting for GEIPAN to publish the proceedings of CAIPAN.

In the meantime, we welcome this NASA symposium.  To see the program go to:

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