25 June 2013


In almost every venue of life we tend to think according with certain pre-established parameters.

In the area of the Unusual Aerial Phenomena, there have been traditionally some ways to confront the problem: 1) total denial, there is nothing about it and nothing has to be done. This is the position of the radical skeptics and debunkers. 2) total belief, irrational most of the times, fantasy prone, and without evidence of scientific value. This is the position of the believers in extra-terrestrials and the outer space origin of the UAPs.3) There is still a mystery and we have to investigate and study to know exactly its identity. This is the rational and scientifically based attitude.

Within this third position, we consider the UAP to fall in one of these possibilities:

a)    A natural phenomenon not yet specifically described in its totality and so far not recognized  by science.

b)    A product of human technology, highly probably a secret one.

c)    A product of exo-technology, with the possibility to be something of a parallel universe or from outer space.

When the official investigation started in the United States, the armed forces that competed among themselves were astonished by the phenomenon. They didn’t know how to manage it appropriately, and didn’t know what to think about it.

There was a group of reluctant military men who were in total denial. According with them there was nothing like “flying saucers”. That was a by-product of the press, and stupid people or crackpots.

There was a group of other military authorities more benevolent and interested to investigate and study the issue, thinking that there was really something and better to know exactly what it was, in that era of Cold War.

In the meantime, the alternatives that they dealt with were almost two: either the “flying saucers” were a top-secret American product, or they were something made by the Soviet Union using technology developed by German scientists captured after WWII.

Many times, when consulted different agencies of the U.S. government about if they have something that could be an answer to what scientists and technicians were reporting, the answer always was “no”. 

On the other hand, they discarded the idea that the Soviet Union could be behind that artifacts.

Due to the fact that people described shapes (generally round) and specifically maneuvers that could not be achieved by nothing known in the U.S. or other Western countries, the suggestion that a little group of people made, was that these flying objects should be from another planet. At that time little was known about Mars or Venus, and speculations tended to think in one of those two space neighbors as the possible origin of the objects.

Along the years, this argument has been repeated a million times.

At the core of the argument is the fact that it is shown a technology that the U.S.A. do not posses. A technology that was also not the possession of Western countries or the USSR.

Once arrived to this point, I think it is pertinent to think about some parallel situations.

For instance, none of those countries knew anything about the Chinese medicine, that has greater antiquity and is based in totally different concepts about the body and how everything in it is interrelated.

Currently it is known and recognized. But not then.

This is just an example of how a group of human beings could develop a whole science based in different concepts, experiments, and practices.

Therefore, before thinking about beings coming with their ships from outer space, wouldn’t it be prudent to think that may be a group of human beings, in total secrecy, and in certain way hiding from the rest of humanity, have been able to develop Physics and technology under different basis?

Instead of thinking about parallel universes, we can just think about a parallel reality, in our own universe.

Dr. Jacques F. Vallée has written two large papers against the E.T. hypothesis.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek wonder himself why the radars of the DEW line and NORAD never detected objects coming to Earth and going back to space. He also asked how people coming from outer space could afford our atmosphere, our gravity and our atmospheric pressure without any problem.

Well, if we follow those questions the answer is only one that makes all of that possible: because they are human beings like us.

I found this an amazing possibility, something that apparently just few people have thought about it.

I just submit  this idea to your consideration and comments.

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