13 January 2013

UFO FOTOCAT BLOG – A must read for any serious Ufologist

We have received the last edition of the UFO Fotocat Blog, thanks to the permanent work of one of the most prominent Ufologists of Spain and the world: our dear friend and UAPSG Member, Mr. Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos.

In this issue, it is announced a new book “UFOs and Government: A historical Inquiry” by Michael Swords and Robert Powell with the important contributions of Clas Svahn (Sweden), Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos (Spain), Bill Chalker (Australia), Barry Greenwood (USA), Richard Thieme (USA), Jan Aldrich (USA), Steve Purcell (USA).

In a message to “UFO Updates” forum list, Jerome Clark has expressed his experienced opinion, as writer and critic, about this book as follows:

I hesitate not a moment to pronounce this among the most significant UFO books ever written. I'd place it in the top 10, at least of works written in English. It's a monument to sober, meticulous scholarship in a field where such is all too rare. It supersedes any number of books that promote speculation and conspiracy theory -or, at the other end, blanket denial- in place of the documentable evidence, which makes for a fascinating story in itself.

The blog also presents the interview that UAPSG-GEFAI have done to Ballester Olmos, a report on 2012 BUFORA Conference in England, news and comments on recent books and an analysis of the famous James P. Templeton photo of a little girl with a supposed “humanoid” figure behind her head.

All in all, we sincerely recommend the reading of the blog, and also the acquisition of  “UFOs and Government: A historical Inquiry”.

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