19 November 2012


Every time that somebody dies and we have known the person, we feel our heart shrinking, 

We feel pain for the loss. We appreciate even more than ever what the person was able to accomplish during his/her life; and particularly in our field, the serious and important contributions made to investigate, study, solve cases and deal with the intrinsic nature of the UFO Phenomenon.

All this reflections come to my mind when I get to know just some hours ago that James W. Moseley has passed away.

Probably it would be tedious or incomplete to list the Ufologists we have known that have died.

We can remember –without making comparisons or evaluating their own contributionsJ. —USMC Maj. (Ret) Donald E. Keyhoe, Capt. Edward Ruppelt, Morris K. Jessup, Jim and Coral Lorenzen, Meade Layne, Dr. James McDonald, Prof. Charles A. Maney, Dr.Joseph Allen Hynek, Dr. Willy Smith, Dr. Harley Rutledge, Leon Davidson, Richard Hall, Philip J. Klass, Dr.John Mack, James W. Moseley, Hillary Evans, Ivan T. Sanderson, Raymond Veillith, René Fouéré, Jimmy Guieu, Aimé Michel, Cynthia Hind,  Antonio Ribera,  Dr. Olavo T. Fontes, Comte. Auriphebo Berrance Simoes, Dr.José Escobar Faría, Dr. Walter Buhler, Ariel Ciro Rietti, Capt. Daniel A. Perissé, Guillermo Roncoroni, Hermann Jegerlehner, Walter A. Cifarelli, Dante J. Moscatelli.

With all of them, we have lost a great part of the UFO history. 

Someone can even think that this entire UFO subject is getting old and no longer a matter of public interest. The “flying saucers” era, is gone, and forever…

No more public hearings at the US Congress, no more effervescence through the news media, no more official investigation in the USA or the United Kingdom, the French GEIPAN has published all its files on the Internet and nothing happened afterwards, only some military institutions in Latin America still think that they have to deal with the subject, which instead is eminently a matter for scientists, anthe hundreds of institutions that existed 50 years ago, don’t exist anymore.  

There are still some initiatives, investigations and studies that try to get information from the Anomalous Luminous Phenomena, which appear to be a natural one but mixed with them  apparently there is something else that could be of technological nature and in that case it is important to determine who is behind that technology and what kind of technology –if such—it is.

What therefore is the challenge for those who –like me—have been able to know and deal with the majority of the people I mentioned before?

What I honestly feel is demanded to those of us who have made Ufology a reality in our own countries, who have been pioneers in this field, and who have accumulated an incomparable experience and expertise?

For me the equation is clear. Before I join the list of those who already passed away, I have to make a transference of knowledge and technology to all those who are seriously interested in the subject. 

I feel called to teach Ufology to the new generations of honest people, giving lectures, and mainly a course. 

Doing so I think I would be able to say that my work in Ufology has been completed. But not before I do so!

I share my viewpoint with all my colleagues and friends, no matter where they are. There are a lot of important things to be shared and that would be our best legacy to humanity.

Milton W. Hourcade

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