04 December 2010


Not so long ago (on November 12) a photographer from Uruguay approached us with a digital picture that showed a set of birds standing on a wire and something distant that could be anything.

It was a little dark spot.

The photographer wanted to know what it was, because he has not seen anything abnormal when he took the photo.

The picture was taken in a seaside resort.

It was during the process of downloading it to his PC when he noticed that strange spot.

Members of UAPSG started working inmediately not only in Uruguay but also in Mexico and the United States.

Few days later the mystery was solved: that strange spot came to be a bird flying with its wings folded.

The conclusion was unanimous within the international team that worked in the case.

The digital analysis of the picture was done in the USA, the verification with a databank containing photos of birds was done in Mexico, and the talk with the photographer was done in Uruguay.

It is fair to say that the photographer really wanted to know what it was, and had no interest whatsoever in make a profit selling the picture, or to get public going to the media, or putting the picture in YouTube claiming it was a UFO.

We really commend the behavior of the photographer and thank him for his good will to cooperate with our study.

The case allowed to demonstrate the efficiency of our international organization, and how it is possible to coordinate the study of a case to have an effective result.

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