16 December 2010


Fresh ink. Just coming from the publishing company, we have received a copy of “Extraterrestres ante las Cámaras – Volumen 7” (Extraterrestrials in front of the Cameras – Volume 7) written by the UAPSG member Engineer Luis Ruiz Noguez, from Mexico.

It is a fine printed book, with a size of those for collection: 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

This is a very serious work of analysis of photos that persumably show extraterrestrial beings.

Meticulously done, Eng. Ruiz Noguez shreds each and every case and comes to the conclusion that there are not legitimate pictures of ETs.

Looking for money or publicity, simply making a joke or trying to proof the expertise of the investigators, there many reasons why some people fake pictures.

But the rigorous application of the scientific method is a great filter for all those situations.

This book is a must for the investigators and scholars dealing with the Unusual Aerial Phenomena.

We sincerely recommend it. It is written in Spanish, it is fully illustrated and has a foreword by Lic. Milton W. Hourcade.

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