08 February 2010


Regretfully, within the Ufological environment there is a lot of envy, of competence, of jealousy, of mutual discredit.

And dealing with the subject itself, there seems to be a too emotional approach instead of a quiet, rational one.

Product of all of this is that almost 63 years after the Kenneth Arnold case, we are still debating some things that apparently we have been unable to solve, and we are debating them using the same arguments and the same ideas that in the 40’s and 50’s.

It seems that for some people we have not yet entered the 21st. Century!

We have still the tendency to classify people as “believer” or “skeptical”, when what really matters is honesty or dishonesty, is looking for the truth or looking for business, is being serious or being a swindler.

Therefore, I think that those of us who are taking this matter seriously, that really want to reach the truth, that manage the data with honesty, should try to come together.

For too long we have been –consciously or unconsciously—subsidiaries of initiatives and ideas taken mainly from the United States and/or Europe. Well, it’s time to say: not any more.

We should meet together to discuss respectfully and openly the issues, to make a list of the coincidences and the differences, and finally to elaborate together some wise criteria, as a basis to go on dealing with the subject, maybe in a different way, with new ideas and paradigms for the investigation and study of the UAP reports.

I think that we should do so, and from here I think we have to support any initiative trying to accomplish it.

After six decades, we deserve to ourselves to give us that opportunity!

Milton W. Hourcade
February 8, 2010

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