21 October 2009


The news kept all the U.S. media outlets busy for hours last week (October 15) when a very special balloon, --with the shape of a flying saucer-- flew adrift over the State of Colorado.

There were uncountable interviews and videos of the balloon followed by helicopters during its magnificent flight.

The reason? Supposedly a 6 years old child was in the balloon when it escaped to its ties.

Finally, that was not the situation.

The balloon landed two hours later on a rural area, after covering more than 60 miles.

The spectacular thing was the flight itself, during which the flat, rounded balloon, was able to rotate on its axis. It really deserves to be seen in flight.

Also, there must be a word of recognition to Mr. Richard Heene, the man who created the balloon. From the standpoint of the model, he made a good job.

The TV broadcasting stations saved us of a barrage of “UFO reports” made by gullible people, as it could have been the case.



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