04 October 2009

NEW VISIT TO THE National Air & Space Museum

It has been a long while that I have not visited the National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C.

That –of course— against my will, but anyhow, that was the situation until yesterday I decided to go.

It is out of question that it ha
s been and always will be my favorite museum.

And a huge surprise was expecting

me there. I will only tell you that there were various UAVs in exhibition, something that never happened before.

And I
couldn’t stop taking pictures of them, besides the impact of been able to see them not in pictures or in videos, but in reality.

It was fantastic!

It is also the Hubble Space Telescope in full size.

Now I share with you some of those pictures, and invite you to come to Washington D.C. and to visit the National Air & Space Museum, pretty sure that it will be an unforgettable experience in your life

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