19 September 2009


The Italian Astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D. has been working recently with his instruments in North America, and with all the information he was able to gather prepared a long paper, of 54 pages.

We give here the Abstract, and soon we are going to put the link for those who want to read the whole document, which is written in English.

This document shows the kind of scientific work that it is possible to do right now, in relation with the Unusual Aerial Phenomena.

This kind of work has never been done before, particularly by the groups of well-intentioned amateur “ufologists”. Neither –as much as we know— by official institutions.

A Comparative Analytical and Observational Study
of North American Databases
on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Astrophysicist, Researcher, Science Writer
Newly Associate Member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry ( CSI )

ABSTRACT. Databases concerning UFO sightings are analyzed in depth through the examination of three specific samples describing anomalous events reported in the last 60 years in the confining US states of New York and Connecticut and the Canadian province of Ontario.

Temporal, spatial and typological analysis
of these data show that UFO databases, though not explaining the intrinsic nature of the reported phenomenon, are able to demonstrate its existence whatever its nature may be, and to show quite clearly the way in which the witness perceives it in the same way at different locations both in terms of time intervals and in terms of the sighted shapes.

Long-term temporal analysis demonstrates that the timefrequency
of reported sightings is directly correlated with the evolution of communications technology and anti-correlated with the secular decrease of Earth’s magnetic field, but also that throughout the general trend some really anomalous residual does emerge in the form of transient “flaps” that are intrinsic to the UFO phenomenon.

A work hypothesis is discussed concerning an additional reason why mankind of the

technological age tends to report a much higher number of UFO sightings than in the ancient past.

analysis, excluding any connection of the location of their occurrence with magnetic and gravimetric anomalies, shows that the geographical frequency of UFO sightings is strictly correlated with the population number but also that, once a statistical pondered evaluation is done, a real spatial recurrence does exist and is circumscribed to specific areas.

Astrometric analysis shows that UFO sightings tend to be reported
more frequently when moonlight is low and very often when planetary conjunctions are visible.

explorative and instrumented mission to some locations of Ontario is described, where the testimony of a suspect sighting and the registration of apparently anomalous VLF and ELF data are presented and discussed in detail. Scientific methodology concerning the instrumental monitoring and measurements on the field is discussed throughout the text.

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