28 June 2008


Brazilian Engineer Claudeir Covo, a member of the UAPSG, had the initiative to find a possible explanation for the lights that slowly moved above the sky of Phoenix, Arizona, on March 13, 1997 between 9pm and 9:30pm, which were seen and videotaped by multiple witnesses.

The lights show paved the way for multiple explanations. From those who spoke about a “mother ship”, to those who supposed a U.S. secret military experiment, and the explanation given by the USAF that they were flares dropped from an A-10 “Warthog” airplane.

Engineer Covo coincides with the explanation given by the USAF, meaning that it is highly possible that they were flares. But even if it were not the appropriate explanation for this specific case, it is worth to have it in mind for similar cases. Specially taking into account a key characteristic of the flares, very important to the investigator, in order to determine if something happened was due to flares.

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