27 June 2008

The UAP pose new challenges

The Unusual Aerial Phenomena pose new challenges to the investigators and to those who analyze this issue. A new concept has become increasingly relevant: safety. We have to be aware that too much noise around these phenomena could be the best cover-up for illegal operations developed by criminals and terrorists.

Traditionally, the U.A.P. have been treated as a matter of curiosity by individuals and private institutions, some of which have dedicated time and resources to investigate these phenomena hoping to determine if they have a natural or artificial origin, and, in the last case, if that origin could be extraterrestrial.

To a certain extent, the official investigation developed in some countries like France, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay, has followed those general parameters.

Those are organized efforts to determine the real nature of these phenomena, and their particular characteristics. Almost the same could be said about projects directed to the observation, registration and study of Anomalous Luminous Phenomena, like those happening in Hessdalen, Norway.

But a new concern has emerged and has been put into consideration when we deal with this issue. It is the concern about safety.

After 9/11 no one can doubt that terrorism is a new flagella that menaces the whole world. Terrorists and some collateral activities that they develop to finance their mere existence, like for instance drug-trafficking, demand to be extremely alert.

Therefore, institutions like NARCAP have put an emphasis in the preservation and maintenance of safety in aerial operations, with special attention given to airports.

NARCAP has pointed out to failures or leaks that could affect the security on which an airport operates and also the safety on which airplanes fly.

There is a clear call to be aware of this problem. The presence of Unusual Aerial Phenomena could cause troubles to air traffic and or to the normal operation of airports.

Also, they can interfere with military air operations.

On the other hand, we have to recognize that drug traffic, human traffic and the traffic of weapons could be covered-up by the presumed presence of U.A.P. over an area.

Therefore, some things could be done to prevent catastrophes or problems with the air traffic and to assure the normal operation of an airport.

For instance, it becomes very important to be aware of the presence in one country, of some individuals that usually travel periodically, always to promote the idea that extraterrestrial ships are going around, and that we have “cosmic brothers”.

And it is also crucial to correlate the activities of those individuals with the potential occurrence of U.A.P. reports done by the public almost simultaneously.

We have to be aware that too much noise done around the U.A.P. could eventually imply the use of it by criminals.

By the same token, there is a need to be alert to fraud and deliberate activities developed with the intention to derail the attention or to create an environment that facilitates the criminal activities.

For instance, we have verified the launch at noon of common white balloons tied among them with thin laces with the purpose to call the attention of the public and the media, --mainly TV-- as another way to promote the idea of space ships and extra-terrestrials. Criminals will exploit to their benefit the comments made by the press, and they will manipulate in this way the public opinion, generating a situation favorable to their illicit activities.

Perhaps you could be sincerely surprised by this new twist that has taken the issue of U.A.P., but we won’t be realistic and intellectually honest, if we do not deal with it.

Therefore, safety is now the name of the game.

March, 2008.

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