01 March 2024


Dear friends: when we think about vacations, we think on time of relaxation, enjoying nature, activities with friends, knowing new people, and above all, have fun!

My vacations this year in Montevideo, Uruguay, escaping from the extremely cold winter that is usual in Iowa City, were quite different. 

As I did every year that I went to Montevideo when there is Summer, I planned to give a speech at the Planetarium, talking about UAPs and the latest news. People in Uruguay didn't know the many things that happened in the United States related to the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

Every time I went to vacations in Montevideo, I went with my speech already written before my trip. This time, because there was legislative activity about the UAP subject during January, I was constrained to be on alert about it and report what happened as part of my presentation.

That meant in practical terms that I was working hard during January and adjusting details in February, to finally present my material publicly (with free entrance) on February 23, 2024.

But this time, differently to all the times before, there was an intense public activity through the media.

Look at this schedule: January 16, CX-8 Radio Sarandí, interviwed by Kairo Herrera and Magdalena Prado, January 17, Montecarlo TV Channel 4, Program "Algo contigo"; January 18, CX-12 Radio Oriental, Program "Frade con permiso", interviewed by Julio Frade; January 31, Saeta TV Channel 10, Program "La Mañana en Casa".

February 3, CX-12 Radio Oriental, program with Rev.Fabián Rovere; February 12, Channel 5 TV, Program: "Buscadores"; February 20, newspaper El País, interviewed by journalist  Analía Filosi; February 21, Montecarlo TV Channel 4, Program "At 8 A.M."; February 21, Channel 5, Program "El Living" interviewed by Paola Echeverría and Alejandro Piazza, February 22, newspaper "ElObservador", interviewed by Nicolás Tabárez.

You can find all these interviews in YouTube.com

The interview on the newspaper "El País" is going to be published on Sunday, March 3, and is referred to my person, as a man, a journalist and a writer.

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