09 March 2024

FINALLY! The long awaited and announced document based on the work of AARO has been published



All those that have been waiting for the publication of a very important document that  summarizes the dedicated work of the All-Domain Anomalous Resolution Office (AARO) now can see it published by the Department of Defense.

It was ready in February 2024, and published on March 6, 2024. It is a very complete document that extends to 63 pages.

We encourage and recommend to read it.

You find it at


After the document was made public, some Ufologists pointed out some critics. We tried to read all of them, and the one that we consider worthy to appear here is the one written by Kevin Randle, a former Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Air Force Reserve, who is a Ufologist, science fiction, and historical fiction writer.

He has a blog named "A Different Perspective" and on March 09, 2024, he wrote an article under the title: "The Latest from ARRO: More of the Same". ["AARRO" is not a mistake, Randle explains why he wrote in that way]


You'll find it at: https://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/2024/03/the-latest-from-arro-more-of-same.html 


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