13 February 2024


When Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick quit his job as Director of the All-Domain Anomalies Research Office (AARO), he signed a last report and announced that it would follow his resignation.

We patiently waited for such a report will appear during January of 2024, but we are going through February and we are still waiting for such a report.

The interesting thing is that --according to Dr.Kirkpatrick-- "that was the last report that I signed out when I retired."
It is not the first time that a report is announced creating a logical expectation, but the report does not appear until very late. 

Hopefully, the report is there and someone at the Pentagon just needs to click it to send through email to legislators and to anyone else who is interested in receiving it.

Although the legislators possibly will receive a copy of the report written on paper, and it could be a confidential or secret document, the general public where we are included-- will receive a sanitized copy available through the Internet.

We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, AARO has an acting Director, but a new scientist as Director has so far not been assigned.

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