26 February 2023


As I have done every year since I am in the United States, when it comes to winter, I go to my native country (Uruguay) and the city where I was born: Montevideo.

All the southern coast of Uruguay is bathed by the waters of the River Plate (Río de la Plata) and when you reach East, by the Atlantic Ocean.

That justifies that when you plan your vacations you expect to go to the beach and spend days doing so.

But it was not my case. Although I was residing in a very nice neighborhood in an upscale area, something became very important to me: the appearance of the second report from AARO. As an investigator and scholar of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, I was expecting with great interest the publication of the Non-Classified version of that report.

As a matter of fact, many people were waiting for that report, because it should have been submitted to the Selected Intelligence Committee of the Senate, in October of 2022, but --I suppose waiting for the complete results of the mid-term elections--the report appeared on January 12, when I was already in my vacations, and as soon that happened it acquired priority.

I read twice the document and I wrote my evaluation which I shared on this web page.

After that, I thought I owe an explanation to the people here about what was going on in the United States regarding the UAP subject, and I decided to prepare a presentation with images in PowerPoint. And I dedicated hours to the preparation of that material.

 The TV channels here apparently didn't know that I was in Montevideo, although I think that maybe they knew and the forces that make money out of the UAP subject pushed them to be interviewed, only to expand the belief in ETs, contactees, messages from the Space, etc. All the cheap craziness that sells so well.

Suddenly, a wonderful opportunity was opened for me to talk to the Uruguayan people. Two contacts that I made by myself. One was with Father Fabian Rovere, a Catholic priest that has a daily program on Radio Oriental. Every time I come to Montevideo, I have the opportunity to be interviewed by him, who I consider a good friend of mine.

The second contact was with a high quality journalist. His name is Emiliano Cotelo, and he has a program named "In Perspective" every morning. His program has adquired great prestige. Important politicians and members of the Government are frequently invited to be interviewed by Mr.Cotelo. 

I had to introduce myself, and sent information about my relationship of nearly 65 years with the UFO matter, besides the books that I wrote, etc. Finally, I got that interview in the central time of the program, and for me, it was a real pleasure to talk with Mr. Cotelo for 45 minutes on Thursday, February 23, 2023

This program was recorded and shared the text, the sound, and a video that you could find on YouTube.

The same day I gave a lecture at the Montevideo Planetarium.

About 165 people almost filled the hall of 180 seats. I was satisfied.

But the best thing was the comments of relevant people about my intervention in the program "In Perspective". Professors of Astronomy, and a very important Uruguayan personality in the area of Philosophy, Faith, etc., Dr. Miguel Pastorino, praised my participation in the program and called me "an international referrer" on the UAP matter.

I thank from the bottom of my heart all the people that listened to or saw my interview at the "In Perspective" program and followed with interest my presentation at the Planetarium.

That is really what matters!  Report honestly what is going on and keep the people well informed.

Milton W. Hourcade

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