06 March 2020


The recommendation comes from the UAPSG member, our dear friend and renowned colleague Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos (Valence-Spain). 

And when you go to the material included in this publication you immediately find why its reading is highly needed. 

I wish to bring this piece of excellent Ufology to all those that use to be so enthusiastic about "ufos" as "extraterrestrial crafts" and about the current MUFON as a reliable organization.

But for all seriously interested in the UFO subject and particularly for those who investigate applying the scientific method, this is a must-read.

And yes, it is in English, the language of science. Sorry for those who do not manage this language, which --fortunately-- are becoming a minority.

Go to  http://www.astronomyufo.com/UFO/SUNlite12_2.pdf  
and enjoy it!

Milton W. Hourcade

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