19 February 2020


The story is rather old. Observations made in 2004 that are published in 2017 and that continue to be discussed in 2020.

Note: since those observations, no new ones have been reported by the US Navy. 

Question: why?

In the meantime --and among all the talk created around those observations-- two individuals that follow the UFO subject through videos uploaded on YouTube,(see Thirdphaseofmoon) emerge as "important investigators" and develop their own theory about what was seen there.

The two are Blake and Brent Cousins, and the web page "brobible" published their declarations and ideas.

Warning: they are not scientists, just publishers, and they like to fantasize, but nevertheless, it doesn't follow that all their ideas must be rejected.

That is why we decided to present here the article on that web page that was published under the title: 

Top Researchers Claim US Military Is Covering Up Their Own Super Advanced Aircraft By Making People Believe It Is A UFO

We bring you here the link so you can read it directly from the web page




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