15 August 2013


We give our warm welcome to two new members of UAPSG.

Architect Sergio Olivera is an experienced  investigator, having as background his many years participating in the Directive Council of CIOVI, the pioneer Uruguayan organization that ceased in 2008, year of the creation of UAPSG. He has an analytical approach to the UAP subject, and personally he likes to collect good films and tin toys.

Computer Engineer Eduardo Restuccia, joined just recently the UAPSG moved by his personal interest in the UAP subject and by sharing the UAPSG approach to the UFO subject. Besides he likes Astronomy, Optics and Physics.

With both of them, the UAPSG gains in quality. These are the kind of people the serious and responsible investigation and study of the UAP needs; people who uses their mind, who do not fantasize, who search for the truth.

Sergio and Eduardo, we rely on you!

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