10 August 2013

A PARADIGMATIC CASE: Betty & Barney Hill

After I wrote my article “Thinking out of the box” on last June 25, I continued exploring the idea of a parallel human reality.

And suddenly it came to my mind the Betty and Barney Hill case. The one that fantasy journalist John Fuller wrote about in his now famous book: “An interrupted journey”.

Well, if you review the whole case, it has all the elements to support the extraterrestrial myth developed by the “manipulators”, as Dr. Jacques Vallée likes to call them.

I have no doubt that the Hills were the deliberate victims of a well mounted scenario, that they were kidnapped and subject to some despicable and devious procedures, and then left to their own devices while the kidnappers went away.

After the traumatic experience, Betty and Barney will go to read many books about “UFOs”, will be interviewed extensively by Walter N. Webb and two other investigators, and a real mix of data about what happened with them plus the involuntary input done by those interrogators, and very important psychological factors (the distortion theory of José Antonio Caravaca for instance) who takes into account  a map of the invasion of Normandy the Hills have displayed in their home, and the face of an “alien” belonging to one chapter of the TV series “The Outer Limits” that the Hills saw, altogether, combined, gave at the end the case.

Dr. Benjamin Simon, who submitted the Hills to a series of hypnosis sessions, never thought that extraterrestrials were really involved.

If you take your time to review this case, probably you would be able to discover a series of very important details –described by the kidnapped couple—that contribute to think on a parallel human reality as responsible for what happened.

It is just a suggestion.

Milton W. Hourcade

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