23 June 2012

AT 65 YEARS OF THE ARNOLD CASE: the power of suggestion

Approximately at 3pm on June 24, 1947, the civil pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying near Mount Rainier in Washington State (USA), when he saw nine objects flying one behind the other in an echelon formation: the first four, a gap, and then the other five.

They were shining and “they flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water."  With this description, Arnold referred to their kinetics, their motion.

 The objects did not have the shape of a disc or saucer, (see the sketch done by Arnold), but the journalist William Bequette, of the newspaper “East Oregonian” coined the phrase “flying saucers”, and from then on, people started to see “saucers” or “discs” in the sky!.

The power of suggestion made people see “saucers” instead of other shapes.

But each “saucer” is different to another. There is practically no case of exactly the same kind of object and shape in the UFO reports and the whole literature on the subject, exception made with the pictured objects in McMinnville (Oregon, 1950) and Rouen (France, 1954). But we know that McMinnville was a hoax.

65 years have gone since “the case that started it all” and so far, no one solid evidence with scientific value has been presented to undoubtedly and categorically be able to affirm that there are flying around the planet extremely sophisticated machines which are not the product of human technology.

The astronauts at the ISS and now the Chinese astronauts in orbit have never seen fleets of strange objects coming from space to Earth, or leaving the Earth and going into the space.

Therefore, if there is a strange phenomenon whose nature we still do not know, it seems that it is more related to Earth than to the space.

Is it the product of a super secret and unconventional technology? Is it something natural so far not accepted or properly clasificado by science? Or is it something coming from a parallel universe or another time?

Those are the questions that the investigators have in front of them. And that is the reason why after 65 years of the Arnold case, there is still a need to determine the real identity of the unusual phenomena.

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