11 January 2012

Activities of the UAPSG Uruguayan-branch

The visit to Uruguay by Milton Hourcade paved the way for varios activities of the UAPSG Uruguayan branch.

The first was a meeting of the Executive Council of the Group at the Planetarium, on Saturday 10, 2011, where a couple of “UAP reports” were discussed and concluded.

There were also resolutions dealing with establishing good contacts with the press and to reinforce de number and disciplines of the science and technology advisors.

The meeting was attended by Rafael Forli, Prof. Fernando Gimènez, Milton Hourcade, Gonzalo Piano and Germán Vázquez.

In the following days, Forli prepared the text of the definitive conclusion about one of the cases submitted to the consideration of the Group, and Hourcade made contact with key journalists in the newspapers “El Paìs”, “El Observador” and “La República”.

On the 28th of December, 2011, the group decided to have a farewell meeting of the year, and to enjoy a moment of friendship.

The participants were: Antonio Bachi, a sky photographer, specialized in the observation of the planets and the Sun. A technical draftsman, Bachi is a distinguished member of the Iberoamerican Astronomical League (LIADA). Bachi is an experienced amateur astronomer.

Rafael Forli, a very active member of the Uruguayan Astronomical Foundation, an organization started by renowned Prof. Gonzalo Viccino. Forli is a dedicated amateur astronomer. I

Prof. Fernando Giménez, teacher of Sciences of the Earth and the Space at a Secondary Education level, and a member of the Latin American specialists Society on Remote Sensing and Information Systems (SELPER, Uruguayan chapter). He is also deeply involved in TV broadcasting of Space news.

Milton Hourcade – A journalist, he is a co-founder of the extinct CIOVI, and experienced UAP investigator and scholar. He is also a lecturer and author of 4 books on the subject.

Gonzalo Piano – He is a Computer Analyst and Software Developer.

Germán Vázquez, co-founder of CIOVI. He is an experienced UAP investigator and analyst. He is also a skilled Personal Relationist, and a very good draftsman.

Finally, and by invitation of Mr. Richard Karlen -–a person always interested in the UAP- Hourcade gave a lecture on January 5, 2012 in Maldonado city. The lecture dealt with the origins of the ET myth, how it was used along the time. A reference to his book “UFOs: The Secret Agenda” (in Spanish), the UAPSG creation and work, and the latest proposals about the UAP investigation methodology.

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